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Ocular Surface Disease Index© (OSDI©)2

Answer the following 12 questions, and click the selection that best represents each answer. Add your points and fill in the total after each section.

All of the time = 4 points    |    Most of the time = 3 points    |    Half of the time = 2 points    |    Some of the time = 1 points    |    None of the time = 0 points

Have you experienced any of the following during the last week?

1. Eyes that are sensitive to light?
2. Eyes that feel gritty?
3. Painful or sore eyes?
4. Blurred vision?
5. Poor vision?

Subtotal score for answers 1 to 5 

Have, problems with your eyes, limited you in performing any of the following during the last week?

6. Reading?
7. Driving at night?
8. Working with a coputer or bank machine (ATM)
9. Watching TV?

Subtotal score for answers 6 to 9 

Have your eyes felt uncomfortable in any of the following situations during the last week?

10. Windy Conditions
11. Places or areas with low humidity (very dry)?
12. Areas that are air conditioned?

Subtotal score for answers 10 to 12 

Now add Subtotals A + B + C

Assessing Your Dry Eye Disease

Use your TOTAL to compare with the chart below. Find where your score would fall. Determine whether your score indicates normal, mild, moderate, or severe dry eye disease.


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