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Children &
Eye Strain

children and eye strain

What can cause Eye Strain?


There are more and more evidence that eye strain at near can cause our children to become Myopic. According to the NHS website of the UK, . Apart form this, our children can also experience eye strain because of their visual-motor integration that is under strain.


Read this Letter to parents and teachers form Prof. Jannie Ferreira regarding the importance of assessing your child’s vision, binocular vision and visual-motor integration.

Download or View Letter by Prof. Jannie Ferreira

School Screenings


Over the years I have realised that most parents do not always consider taking their children for an eye test before Grade 1. For this reason school screenings are so important. Without a thorough school screening many potential problems can be overlooked. 


1 out of 4 school-age children have vision problems that can affect learning and personality if not treated correctly.


We also take a different approach in relieving eye strain that can cause a lot of frustration with reading and learning. Especially now after Lockdown and E-learning, kids are experiencing a lot more visual discomfort. Even more so kids that are cross-dominant. Please read more about this in the letter I attached by Prof. Jannie Ferreira, who has focused for many years on children with these visual challenges. I work together with Prof. Ferreira and our main aim is to help these kids function more comfortably visually.


We provide full reports of our findings and make recommendations if visual limitations are detected.


Find below a link to a short presentation of exactly what we offer.

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