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I completed my degree in Optometry in 2001 at the Rand Afrikaans University and completed a certificate of advanced study (CAS) in contact lenses, related ocular physiology and anterior segment disease in 2012 through the New England College of Optometry (NECO) in Boston, USA. 

After 20 years of experience as an optometrist and spending most of those years in an Ophthalmologist practice, my passion for vision care drove me to open my own private practice in 2021. I wanted to share my experience and love for the profession, with every patient, to improve the visual health of my community.


I have a special interest in children's vision care and the wonderful, technologically evolving world of contact lenses. 


I enjoy every single contact lens challenge sitting in my chair, needing visual rehabilitation. From young through to old, I try to work with what the best possible vision, contact lenses can provide for my patients where other options like spectacles and surgery did not provide functional vision. 


Children have also been a big part of the Ophthalmology practice I worked at for 11 years. Doing school visual screenings for the last 8 years has given me great insight into the visual challenges that our children face today amidst the extra visual strain of Covid lockdown and E-learning. 


The pinnacle of these two passions is when children's vision care and contact lenses come together to make a change in a young life, to protect their vision from the ever increasing incidence of Myopia (Short-sightedness). According to research Myopia is becoming another world wide pandemic, which will affect 52% of the world's population by the year 2030 according to the WHO (World Health Organization). For this reason, we as optometrists have to become more proactive in our approach to slow this progression down in our young patients. 

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